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Retail Consulting Services

As an alternative to Oakwells owning and operating a full service retail location at your property, we also offer Retail Consulting Services. Our team of retail professionals will assist you through every aspect of the development and implantation of a full retail program or help out with just the part that you are struggling with currently.

Store Design and Layout

We’ll help you design a store that is use friendly, and layout your retail items the best way possible for maximum earning potential.

Product Selection

Choosing your product selection is one of the most important aspects of your retail shop. What you sell will depend on the quality and diversity of your products. We help our clients choose products that will work best with their specific location and audience.

Visual Merchandising

Have you ever hearth term, you eat with your eyes? Visual merchandising can make the difference between a successful retail shop and an unsuccessful one. Make sure your creating a clean and welcoming visual experience for your customers.

Inventory Management

Keep up with your inventory is essential to running a successful business. We can teach and guide you through the inventory management process, so you keep things running smooth for your customers and staff.

Measure and Increase Sales and Profit Productivity

We will help keep an eye on your profit productivity. while measuring ad increasing sales. We believe that this aspect is most important, and will guide where and what needs more attention.

Best Practices for Daily Operations

With a retail shop,  proper etiquette for daily operations will create a great atmosphere and will help keep your staff on board. From handling the cash register, to re-stocking as needed, we’ll ensure your making the best decisions for the most profit.

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